Curious about working as a salesperson in a grocery store?

Emmi Risberg Olsson
14 June, 2023

Are you excited about alternating between independent tasks and customer-oriented responsibilities in a grocery store? Do you thrive on meeting new people, building relationships, and achieving goals as part of a team? Are you a flexible person who doesn't mind working irregular hours? Then a job in a retail store might be perfect for you! How great that you've found a job you're curious about! At Hubert, we'd love to help you navigate your career. In this article, you can find a comprehensive guide to what working in a retail store entails.

What does a typical day in a grocery store look like?

The specifics of a typical day can vary depending on the store you work in. However, most days often involve a mix of independent and physical tasks such as unpacking goods, organizing the store in a neat and appealing manner, and putting up price labels. The days also include customer-oriented tasks such as operating the cash register, assisting customers in the store, or working at a potential postal service counter. Here, it's important to have good product knowledge, know where items are located, and provide excellent customer service. Like in any workplace, there may be additional responsibilities in a grocery store. Often, employees are responsible for specific product groups, ensuring everything related to that group is in order.

Are there any educational requirements?

Generally, jobs in grocery stores do not have specific educational requirements, as the necessary knowledge and skills are often learned on the job. However, some employers may require a high school diploma, depending on the specific job and the employer. It can also be advantageous, rather than a requirement, to have completed a high school program with a focus on commerce or sales.

What competencies do employers seek for retail jobs?

This can vary depending on the company and the role, but common desired competencies for a retail salesperson in a grocery store may include:

➡️ Customer service orientation

➡️ Flexibility

➡️ Enjoyment of physical work

➡️ Initiative

➡️ Ability to work well in a team

What are the working hours like?

Working hours depend on the store's opening hours and the scheduling in the specific store. Typically, there are shifts that start shortly before the store opens to prepare for the day and shifts that end shortly after the store closes. The store's team often follows a rotating schedule, taking turns working different hours and alternating between weekends and weekdays. The schedule is generally designed to balance the store's efficiency and the well-being of the employees. For example, there may be regulations regarding the minimum time between finishing one shift and starting the next. Working in a grocery store often involves working during "unsocial" hours, such as late evenings, early mornings, and weekends. However, these special hours often come with additional pay based on agreements with collective bargaining. Many employees find that working these hours is compensated with higher wages.

What factors can affect one's salary in a grocery store?

Several factors can influence a salesperson's salary in a grocery store. One factor that can increase the salary is the amount of previous experience in the same or similar industries, as well as having relevant education. As mentioned earlier, certain high school programs, for example, can be considered advantageous. Assuming more responsibility in the store, such as becoming a manager or being in charge of a specific area, can also lead to higher earnings.

What opportunities can a retail job open up?

Many! Firstly, in your retail job, you will hopefully build upon your skills. These learnings and experiences can be applied if you want to pursue a different job in the future. Secondly, there are opportunities to network with colleagues, customers, or even the larger retail chain, which could potentially help you in your future career. Lastly, many retail chains offer opportunities for internal career advancement. Who knows, you may excel as a retail salesperson and have the chance to become a store manager in the future? 🌟

I'm excited! How do you get a retail job?

Many stores prefer online applications nowadays, so one way to land a retail job is by applying digitally. There are many services offered by our partners where you can search for suitable positions. Feel free to take a look and see if there's anything that interests you!

If the job as a grocery store salesperson didn't feel like the right fit after all?

Even if you have experiences, skills, or personal qualities that are suitable for working in a store, it doesn't mean you have to confine yourself to the retail industry. If you are service-oriented, perhaps a job in the restaurant industry would suit you. Or why not consider a position as a train conductor or an on-site technician for customers? Try to think about the competencies you possess and dare to think outside the box rather than solely relying on previous experiences. There might be a new and exciting opportunity that suits you among the jobs at Hubert. Our interviews focus heavily on the competencies you have.

If you want to find more career guides for different professions or receive tips for your professional life, feel free to further explore our page!

Emmi Risberg Olsson
14 June, 2023

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