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An AI recruiting platform built to help hiring teams crush it.

Hubert+1 was built to automatically streamline your recruitment process and enable more efficient use of time. Take out boring and repetitive tasks from your applicant screening and replace it with solid, transparent advice from artificial intelligence trained on millions of reliable data points.

Conversations is where it’s at

Welcome to the era of AI-outsourcing

Recruitment automation refined

The average recruiter spends more than a quarter of their time on screening activities. Hubert+1 enables you to spend these hours doing something where your talent is better used.

Automate the first steps in your recruitment process

Save lots of time and money

Make better hiring decisions and find a perfect match for your team

More applicants per recruiter and shorter time to fill

Offer the best possible candidate experience

Reduce impact of unconscious bias

Stories about selected partners

We're working with leading organizations to elevate high volume recruiting efforts and take automated screening to the next level. See below how we enable forward-thinking companies to widen the hiring funnel and identify the right fit for the job fast, easy, and cost effective. Regardless of scale, every candidate is ensured a personal, and professional experience.

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For recruiters

Screening candidates has
never been simpler

Save time and money throughout the recruitment process. Sounds too good to be true? Join heaps of thought-leading hiring teams and find out why they all chose to partner with us.

We’ve combined intricate knowledge about hiring with the latest advancements in machine learning to offer you the best there is in recruitment automation technology.

For job seekers

A candidate experience
fit for a king

Are you a fan of filling out static job applications? No, you’re not. In today’s job market you need to stand out both in terms of effectiveness and user experience. Hubert is accessible 24/7.

How we create a candidate experience out of the ordinary
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It's not really magic but

... pretty darn close. Hubert+1 is a conversational AI-platform built to simplify hiring for forward-thinking organizations. Sign up for a demo now and see just how close to magic you can come within talent acquisition.

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Parsing and matching

Prior to the interview, both the job ad and candidate's resume can be parsed and analyzed and the semantically matched to form a basis for the conversation.

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Advanced conversational AI

Hubert has been trained on millions of open-ended conversations. Real-time reactions based on context and input is no match for Hubert's AI engine.

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Ranking and scoring

Every candidate in a process is evaluated based on exactly the same criteria which ensures objectivity in the process and reduces bias dramatically.

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Automating time-consuming tasks in
talent acquisition and recruiting

  • Resume/cover letter parsing and analysis
  • Initial job interview
  • Personality/logic tests
  • Shortlisting
  • Diversifying your workforce
  • Ranking candidates
  • Matching candidates against job ads
  • Recruitment process management
  • Team compatibility
  • Shortlisting
  • Reducing human bias

Conversations is where it’s at

Intelligent conversations is at the very heart of the service. Hubert is trained to care for every applicant and guide them through your processes in a friendly and professional manner. From automatically conducting screening interviews and tests to informing them about the next steps and answering any question that occurs.

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Conversations is where it’s at

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