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Emmi Risberg Olsson
14 June, 2023

Those who work in various roles within the cleaning industry are an essential pillar of society's functioning. One example when this was particularly evident was during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the importance of clean spaces and hygiene was emphasized by society. As a cleaner, you witness the immediate results of your work—you see cluttered spaces transform into well-organized homes, workplaces, or places where the public can gather. Like many other service jobs, as a cleaner you get to meet different people and develop your ability to handle customers. The work also enables you to engage in problem-solving and creativity, as you tackle various situations and issues that arise while working with clients. Additionally, if you don't speak the local language, one advantage of this job is that many cleaning positions welcome individuals who don't have language proficiency. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? In this career guide, we will take a closer look at what it means to work as a cleaner.

What can you work as within the cleaning industry?

Working in the cleaning industry can take different forms:

Home cleaning
If you work in home cleaning, you clean residential properties. Here, you have the opportunity for direct customer interaction, which requires good customer service skills. Getting help with household cleaning can be a significant relief for many individuals when it comes to managing stress and daily life.

Hotel cleaning
When you clean hotels, your cleaning duties become an integral part of the overall hotel experience. You are part of a larger team that collectively creates a pleasant environment.

Move-out cleaning
This type of cleaning involves cleaning someone's home when they are moving out, often requiring a more extensive and meticulous cleaning compared to regular home cleaning. Moving can be stressful for many individuals, and when you provide move-out cleaning services, you help facilitate the moving process.

Commercial cleaning
As a commercial cleaner, you may clean places like hospitals, where your role is crucial for patient safety and the well-being of society at large. You may also clean schools to maintain a clean environment for students.

Window cleaning
Here, you can work on cleaning windows for residential or commercial clients. This job requires specialized equipment and often involves working outdoors. You will also have frequent customer interactions.

Construction cleaning
In this role, you contribute to cleaning up construction sites, enabling the construction process to proceed efficiently.

What education is required?

Working as a cleaner generally does not require any specific education. However, in some cases, it may be a requirement or advantageous to have a valid driver's license (B-körkort). It may also be beneficial to have completed a local cleaning course or similar. Such courses may be available through the employment agency.

What language skills are required to work as a cleaner?

For many cleaning jobs, knowing the local language may not be necessary, and English can instead be used as the working language. However, for certain cleaning positions, it may be a requirement or advantageous to have proficiency in the local language, depending on the tasks involved.

What competencies are sought after in cleaners?

Some competencies that may be sought after for cleaning jobs include:
✨ Customer service orientation
✨ Physical ability to handle the tasks
✨ Self-motivated
✨ Good stress management skills
✨ Attention to detail
✨ Quality-consciousness
✨ Flexibility

What are the working hours like?

Working hours can vary significantly depending on the specific job role and the employer. For more information on working hours, refer to job advertisements for the type of position that interests you.

What opportunities can a cleaning job open up?

Working as a cleaner can open up many opportunities. The skills and knowledge you gain from your cleaning job can be applied when seeking other jobs that require similar competencies. Many larger cleaning companies also offer internal development opportunities. Since many cleaning jobs do not require proficiency in the local language, this profession can also be a pathway into the local job market for many individuals.

How do I apply for a cleaning job?

The most common way to apply for cleaning jobs is through online job advertisements. There are several cleaning companies that collaborate with us at Hubert. If you apply for a job with one of our partners, you will be invited to a Hubert interview where you can share your previous experiences and competencies.

If being a cleaner doesn't feel right for you...

...that's perfectly okay! Not all jobs are suitable for everyone. Remember that your strengths can be applied in many different professions. If you are meticulous and can handle a fast-paced environment well, a warehouse job could be another alternative for you. We at Hubert have various opportunities available, and our interviews heavily focus on the competencies you possess.

If you're interested in finding more career guides for different professions or getting tips for your professional life, feel free to further explore our page!

Emmi Risberg Olsson
14 June, 2023

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