An AI-driven recruitment
process leader.

Let Hubert guide your candidates through your recruitment process in an engaging, efficient, and professional way.

Reserve your invaluable know-how for decisions at the end of the recruitment funnel and let AI-automation handle the rest. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1

First contact & resume

Starting out on your own career page, Hubert is deployed to answer any questions the candidate might have before applying. How the process works, what the policy on parental leave is, more information about the team and position, etc.

Next, the job description is parsed and analyzed. The same goes for all resumes and cover letters collected from job applicants. Hubert+1 will then do a semantic match to see which candidates have the best matching resumes for the job ad.

Step 1

Step 2.

Manage the candidates

A link is automatically sent out to all candidates with access details to their auto-generated Hubert+1 accounts where they can view and edit their data.

From here on, the candidates are taken care of and guided by Hubert. The candidate’s very own processes manager.

Step 2

Step 3.

A short AI interview

Hubert combines data from uploaded documents, personality, and/or logical tests (if needed) and desired competencies for the job. Next, a short AI-interview is dynamically constructed for further inquiries.

”What happened during this gap in your resume?”
”Cool, you speak french? Please translate the following sentence…”
”Are you willing to work these and those hours?”
”I see that you live 3 hours away from our office, are you sure you are up for the long daily commute?”

Step 3

Step 4.

A candidate shortlist

This is where the Hubert+1 system really shines. From all collected data sources as well as years of data from successfully placed candidates, Hubert presents you with an automatically generated shortlist featuring a few candidates that you should consider meeting in person.

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Step 4

Step 5.


Make the hire and live happilly ever after.

Step 5

Keep in touch

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