Candidate experience

What’s to gain by providing a candidate experience out of the ordinary? That’s simple. Everything.

Caring about your brand

Firstly, what all businesses should be aware of, is that people will share how you treat them. About 72% to be precise.

And if that doesn’t sound so bad, you should realize that a full 11% of candidates with bad experiences will sever all business relations with the company in question. Considering the average position accumulates 250 applications, ensuring the 249 applicants that get rejected are left with a positive experience will be crucial for all future interactions.

There’s just no getting around it — You need to treat all candidates as your most valuable client. If you don’t, the risk of losing them and their friends as potential customers increases exponentially.

Caring about your brand

Our praised process

At Hubert+1, we place the candidate in the very center of attention. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into offering your candidates the very best of experiences. Even rejected candidates praise our process and more than 92% claim they will seek other positions with Hubert+1 as process manager.

Caring about your brand

Why the Hubert+1 candidate experience
is best in its class

Personalized AI-support
available 24/7

Instant replies to questions

Current status easily available through-out the process — no black hole after submitting the application

Outstanding UI

Highly transparent results and feedback — Supporting continuous improvement

Open-ended all the way