Foodora/Hubert Case Study Part 1: Background and Expectations

Viktor Nordmark
12 November, 2020

Foodora has been through an explosive growth journey for the past years, and as part of the conglomerate Delivery Hero, they are the largest food delivery service by far in Sweden with over 4500 connected restaurants. And not only that. They are also leading the last-mile-race towards new heights with the introduction of the new ‘Q-commerce’-concept where deliveries of merchandise will be fulfilled within 30 minutes.

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Given the enormous expansion-phase foodora currently is in, there is a considerable need to hire and onboard new employees into the organization at scale. By leveraging years of successful employer brand management and high visibility in the market, it has never been a big problem for foodora to get highly qualified candidates to apply for open positions. Especially not for entry-level positions where experience isn’t a decisive factor. For these kinds of positions, the volume easily reaches 200 applications per job or more.

And it easy to understand why. The aura surrounding the foodora brand in sheer start-uppyness is hard to match. Cool brands like Spotify, Klarna, King, VOI, iZettle, and (cough), Hubert also compete for attention but there’s just something special about foodora that makes you want to take part in their constantly innovating, fail-fast-culture.

”Hubert really fit the image that we’re trying to communicate well. We love to showcase our innovative ability and trying out new stuff as we think this is a vital part in attracting the right people.”

 Åsa Guvå, Head of People & Culture, foodora

Of course, the problem of having abundant numbers of applicants per job is a sign of a very attractive employer brand, and something to really be proud of. But never the less, it needs a solution. And what’s more, it needs to be solved in a way that ensures a positive experience for each and every candidate no matter how unqualified. Candidate experience plays a huge role in the overall perception of a company and even impacts the bottom-line, especially for a consumer-facing company such as foodora.

“The possibility of interviewing all candidates that apply is not only helping us build a very detailed database, it also gives the candidates the opportunity to stand out and express themselves in a whole new way. And we save a ton of time by not having to call as many candidates.”

Cassandra Mastenstrand, foodora Recruiter

With a large and steady flow of applications coming in each day, finding the most suitable candidate for open job positions becomes hard, expensive, and very time-demanding. Spending less time on screening and more time on instilling the famous ‘foodora-vibe’ with candidates in later stages can mean a difference between a good and a great lasting experience.

When we approached foodora with our AI-driven screening solution, they quickly realized the benefits and we set up a demo to give an overview of the system.

“When first hearing about the Hubert-system it really sparked our interest. Seeing it live confirmed our hopes of a platform that is able to support us in seemingly never-ending screening processes. Sure, there’s some stuff in the system that needs fine-tuning, but the Hubert team were up front with that and open to suggestions”

Cassandra Mastenstrand, foodora Recruiter

Given the Hubert chat format, the first pilots were decided to handle roles such as Customer Service Agents. This role especially is suitable for evaluation in a chat as excellent written communication skills is a must.

Apart from some competency-based questions designed to measure skills, all candidates are asked to solve a small case that is part of the evaluation.

“For us, it’s often more important to find candidates who are motivated and driven rather than ticking every box on our wishlist. Evaluating these soft values have traditionally been hard without calling the candidates. With Hubert, candidates are being rated based on soft and hard skills. That helps us find and reach out true stars much earlier than before.”

Olivia Winkvist, foodora Recruiter

We’ll do another check-in in a week or two to see how things are coming along. Stay tuned for part 2!

Viktor Nordmark
12 November, 2020

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