Talentech and Hubert in AI-screening collaboration

Viktor Nordmark
4 May, 2021

As a next step in supplying Talent Acquisition-teams with the best available technology, we are proud to announce the partnership between Hubert and Talentech!

”Integrating Hubert into our ATS-suite will offer our high volume recruiting customers an opportunity to decrease bias, make big resource savings, and find the best candidates faster and more efficiently. Hubert represents just the kind of functionality that we stand for and want to offer our customers”

Maria Svensson — Head of Partnerships, Talentech

Maria Svensson Taletech

As one of the largest players on the nordic HR-tech scene, bolstering 3 different ATS-brands including ReachMee, Webcruiter, and Talent Recruiter, Talentech stands for world-class HR technology. In total, over 2200 businesses are leveraging Talentech to streamline recruitment, onboarding, and talent management over a multitude of sectors. From SMEs to multinational giants such as McDonald's, KPMG, Mercedes Benz, and Manpower Group all put their trust in the Talentech brand to face thousands of job applicants on a monthly basis.

Soon, all customers using an ATS in the Talentech-suite can take advantage of the latest progress in the field of applied artificial intelligence through the Hubert integration. If you like the idea of significantly boosting efficiency by automating a large chunk of the candidate screening process, you should continue reading.

Basically what Hubert does is, replacing the initial CV-screening and telephone interview by conducting AI-driven chat interviews with all applicants. The interview consists of a mix of open-ended and close-ended questions that measures qualifications, competence, motivation, and previous experience.

As far as structured interviews goes, there’s not much that can compare to the perfectionist structure that an automated bot uses when conducting interviews. All candidates are evalated on the exact same rubrics, using the exact same questions, in the exact same setting, which makes the candidate assessment strictly adhere to the well-established method that is heavily supported by science and used by hiring thought leaders such as Randstad, Google and many others.

For humans, repeating the exact same process with every single candidate is hard, and close to impossible when there’s multiple recruiters to the same position. Not to mention all other biases that can occur in the meeting between two human beeings.

The output from Hubert’s interviews is an automatically sorted list with the most qualified candidates at the top — ready to be followed up by the recruiter.

This, in fact, leads to:

  • Big savings in terms of time and money
  • Significantly less bias throughout the process
  • All candidates get an immediate response and a next step, which improves the candidate experience
”Teaming up with the experienced HR-tech supplier Talentech is an exciting new chapter in the Hubert story which we believe will accelerate the adoption of a fairer and more inclusive recruitment process for numourus companies. Artificial Intelligence brings vast opportunities in the HR-domain and we are looking forward to deploying practical solutions powered by AI to forward-thinking organizations in collaboration with Talentech.”

Fredrik Östgren — CEO, Hubert

New Partner Offer

To celebrate the partnership between Hubert and Talentech, we are offering three Talentech-customers a free trial provided they fulfill these requirements:

  • At least 10.000 applications for similar roles per year
  • Passionate about reducing bias and enhancing the candidate experience
  • Good understanding of current costs associated to screening

Companies such as Voi, Foodora, Academic Work, Storesupport, Hemfrid, and many others already leverage Hubert’s AI-driven screening platform to minimize bias and add efficency to the recruitment process. Learn more by visiting this link to schedule a private demo session.

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