Storesupport and Hubert are expanding their partnership

Viktor Nordmark
28 January, 2022

Hubert’s competency-based screening interviews keep making progress in automatically identifying great people in processes with high application numbers.

For the past year, we have been working closely with Storesupport to further develop an ideal process to quickly, and with high quality, find warehouse workers. The partnership has been nothing less than a huge success, just look at these results:

• Over 85% rating accuracy
• Over 700 successful hires
• Cutting time spent in phone interviews in half

Due to these achievements, we are thrilled to announce that Storesupport has decided to expand our partnership and entrust us with their store personnel recruiting as well! Here’s what the CEO of Storesupport Warehouse & Logistics, Magnus de Woul, has to say about the partnership so far:

”It’s not often we see game-changing innovations in the recruitment industry, but for the last year, Hubert and Storesupport have created a whole new level of efficiency and candidate convenience. As the candidate supply fluctuates, it’s reassuring to know that all our candidates receive a great candidate experience without beeing reliant on human interaction, especially when the inflow of candidates become extreme.”

Magnus de Woul

Supporting Storesupport

As all candidates are invited to the interview with Hubert, Peter Erikson, CEO of Storesupport Group, sees great potential in saving time while giving everyone an equal chance of advancement in the process.

”The first interaction with our human recruiters can be made so much more focused and effective since everything that needs to be explained and confirmed is already taken care of by Hubert. This will really come in handy as we expect the application volumes to further increase this year.”

Peter Erikson, Group CEO

Closing words

Working with the extremely competent crew at Storesupport has been an educational experience and brought a lot of added quality into our service. It’s always fun to see the value Hubert regularly delivers to our customers, and we are looking forward to deepening and expanding our collaboration further. The gained knowledge is used to help more companies in similar positions succeed.

Viktor Nordmark
28 January, 2022

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